Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 22:27:12 -0500 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: POGO STICK IT TO ME WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND WE IS THEY (watered down educated correction???) SETH crissiet[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder why some of the world's most complex grammatical and >phnological systems pesist among peoples with no formal education. You >would figure the water would have warshed them down the hill to pure >simplicity by now. >Dennis > > >> I just finished reading a compilation book of old Pogo cartoons; inclu- >>ded is an interview with cartoonist Walt Kelly, who refers to his charac- >>ters' ways of talking as "following the path of least resistance, like wa- >>ter flowing down a hill." That's a pretty good description of the way >>children and less educated people use language. They tend to make up words >>that they figure should exist. In a way education tends to water down that >>childlike tendency, and it kind of saddens me to see children grow up and >>lose that childlike delight in playing with words and local yokels moving >>to the big city and losing their regional idiosyncracies. Fortunately it >>doesn't always happen. > >