Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 11:11:54 EST From: Undetermined origin c/o LISTSERV maintainer Subject: Re: Unauth Index to "American Tongues" - Improvements Invited I'm not a a lawyer: this is just what I've picked up over the years, and you probably should consult an expert. With that said: what is definitely legal is time-shifting. For example, if you want to watch something being broadcast at 5:00, but you won't get home until 6, it's perfectly legitimate to tape the program, watch it later, and then erase the tape. And what is definitely not legal is taping something off the television and charging people to see it: for example, you can't record a current movie off HBO and charge your neighbors $1 each to come see it in your living room. Clearly, that leaves a lot of gray area, though the copyright owner might be able to argue that, since students pay tuition for the right to attend class, using something broadcast over the air for a later class is a violation. And a practical note: even if it's legal to tape things off television, people will sometimes buy tapes because the tape quality is higher that way, or to avoid having to either watch or edit out commercials. Vicki Rosenzweig vr%acmcr.uucp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] | rosenzweig[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] New York, NY