Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:14:39 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: pop and soda Well, yes, but... ----------------------------Original message---------------------------- Here's an interesting variant. At the office Xmas party yesterday, one of the people I was sitting with asked the waiter for "a soda." He went away, and came back in a minute with a glass of plain club soda. She was annoyed, because she wanted Sprite. (They look the same, so she took a sip before realizing the error.) It was sorted out, but I find it interesting that the waiter assumed that "a soda" was plain soda water; I think my co-worker expected him to ask her what kind. Vicki Rosenzweig __________________________________ ...if was basically a bartender, it might be understandable. After all, if you ask for a scotch and soda, you expect him to siphon in some seltzer or club soda without asking whether you wanted Sprite, root beer, orange, ... Larry