Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:44:53 -0800 From: Allen Maberry Subject: Re: Proverbial Knowledge I know it as "chances". I've also heard the variant "You pay your nickel, you take your chances." Allen maberry[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] On Wed, 13 Dec 1995, Alan S. Kaye wrote: > Re Dennis' question on "You pays your money..." > It goes back to the last century and it was a proverb not having > anything to do with gambling, but rather with peepshows. > > Incidentally, anyone have the answer on the -s for "pays" and "takes", > which all my ESL students correct to "pay" and "take" saying that > the proverb contains 2 grammatical errors. > > Alan Kaye, Linguistics, CSU, Fullerton, CA 92634 > akaye[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >