Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 00:18:42 -0500 From: Heilan Yvette Grimes Subject: Re: Spammer exposed >From: "Kevin Jay Lipsitz, President" >Subject: ----> GREAT DEAL!!!: $295.00 - LIKE NEW CREDIT CARD TERMINAL WITH > PRINTER!!! > >Could you new or expanding business use an (extra) credit card terminal for >your new or busy location? Everyone on the list might be interested to know that this Kevin Lipsitz is the spammer responsible for the magazine list spams. You know the one where she (sometimes he) is a college student and has been real satisfied with the magazines she's bought, and then proceeds to list a gazillion magazines to clog up our list. He usually uses fake addresses so you can't spam him back, even maliciously using the addresses of those who have complained about him, so that when people send back spams thinking they are clogging his mailbox, they are actually clogging the mailbox of an innocent person. However, this apparently is his real email address. I just sent him back a copy of his magazine spam.