Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 20:21:48 -0500 From: "Kevin A." Subject: Fwd: (ALERT) INTERNET DAY OF PROTEST TUESDAY DECEMBER 12, 1995 (fwd) --------------------- Forwarded message: From: willi394[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (Chris Williams) To: ash2ash[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Date: 95-12-11 08:22:32 EST >======================================================================== > CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE NET CENSORSHIP LEGISLATION IN CONGRESS > > On Tuesday December 12, 1995, Join With Hundreds of Thousands > Of Your Fellow Internet Users In > > A NATIONAL INTERNET DAY OF PROTEST > > PLEASE WIDELY REDISTRIBUTE THIS DOCUMENT WITH THIS BANNER INTACT > REDISTRIBUTE ONLY UNTIL December 20, 1995 >________________________________________________________________________ >CONTENTS > Internet Day of Protest: Tuesday December 12, 1995 > What You Must Do On Tuesday December 12, 1995 > List of Participating Organizations > Where Can I Learn More? > >________________________________________________________________________ >INTERNET DAY OF PROTEST: TUESDAY DECEMBER 12, 1995 > >Outrageous proposals to censor the Internet demand that the Internet >Community take swift and immediate action. We must stand up and let >Congress know that we will not tolerate their attempts to destroy this >medium! Please join hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens in a >National Day of Protest on Tuesday December 12, 1995. > >As you know, on Wednesday December 6, 1995, the House Conference >Committee on Telecommunications Reform voted to impose far reaching and >unconstitutional "indecency" restrictions on the Internet and other >interactive media, including large commercial online services (such as >America Online, Compuserve, and Prodigy) and smaller Internet Service >Providers such as Panix, the Well, Echo, and Mindvox. > >These restrictions threaten the very existence of the Internet and >interactive media as a viable medium for free expression, education, >commerce. If enacted, the Internet as we know it will never be the >same. > >Libraries will not be able to put any books online that might >offend a child somewhere. No "Catcher in the Rye" or "Ulysses" on the net. >Internet Service Providers could face criminal penalties for allowing >children to subscribe to their Internet Services, forcing many small >companies to simply refuse to sell their services to anyone under 18. Worst >of all, everything you say and publish on the net will have to be "dumbed >down" to that which is acceptable to a child. > >As Internet users, we simply must not allow this assault against the >Internet and our most basic freedoms to go unchallenged. > >On Tuesday December 12, the organizations below are urging you to >join us in a NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST. The goal is to flood key members of >the House and Senate with phone calls, faxes and email with the message >that the Internet community WILL NOT TOLERATE Congressional attempts to >destroy the Internet, limit our freedoms and trample on our rights. > >Below are the phone, fax, and email address of several key members of >Congress on this issue and instructions on what you can do to join the >National Day of Protest to save the Net. > >______________________________________________________________________ >WHAT YOU MUST DO ON TUESDAY DECEMBER 12, 1995 > >1. Throughout the day Tuesday December 12, please contact as many > members of Congress on the list below as you can. If you are only > able to make one call, contact House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Finally, > if the Senator or Representative from your state is on the list > below, be sure to contact him or her also. > >2. Urge each Member of Congress to "stop the madness". Tell them that > they are about to pass legislation that will destroy the Internet as > an educational and commercial medium. If you are at a loss for > words, try the following sample communique: > > Sample phone call: > > Both the House and Senate bills designed to protect children > from objectionable material on the Internet will actually > destroy the Internet as an medium for education, commerce, and > political discourse. There are other, less restrictive ways to > address this issue. > > I urge you to oppose both measures being proposed in the > conference committee. This is an important election issue to > me. > > Sample letter (fax or email): > > The Senate conferees are considering ways to protect children > from inappropriate material on the Internet. A vote for either > the House or Senate proposals will result in the destruction of > the Internet as a viable medium for free expression, education, > commerce. Libraries will not be able to put their entire book > collections online. Everyday people like me will risk massive > fines and prison sentences for public discussions someone s > somewhere might consider "indecent". > > There are other, less restrictive ways to protect children from > objectionable material online. This is an important election > issue to me. > >3. If you're in San Francisco, or near enough to get there, go to > the Rally Against Censorship from Ground Zero of the Digital Revolution: > > WHEN: Monday, December 11, 1995 12:00 - 1:00 PM > WHERE: South Park (between 2nd and 3rd, Bryant and Brannon) San Francisco. > SPEAKERS: To be announced > BRING: Attention-grabbing posters, signs, and banners that demonstrate > your committment to free speech and expression, and your feelings > about Congress. > FOR UPDATED INFORMATION (including rain info): > > > >### THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ### > >4. Mail a note to protest[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] to let us know you did your part. > Although you will not receive a reply due to the number of > anticipated responses, we'll be counting up the number of people that > participated in the day of protest. > > > P ST Name and Address Phone Fax > = == ======================== ============== ============== > R AK Stevens, Ted 1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-1044 > R AZ McCain, John 1-202-224-2235 1-602-952-8702 > senator_mccain[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > D HI Inouye, Daniel K. 1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747 > R KS Dole, Robert 1-202-224-6521 1-202-228-1245 > D KY Ford, Wendell H. 1-202-224-4343 1-202-224-0046 > wendell_ford[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > R MS Lott, Trent 1-202-224-6253 1-202-224-2262 > R MT Burns, Conrad R. 1-202-224-2644 1-202-224-8594 > conrad_burns[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > D NE Exon, J. J. 1-202-224-4224 1-202-224-5213 > D SC Hollings, Ernest F. 1-202-224-6121 1-202-224-4293 > senator[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > R SD Pressler, Larry 1-202-224-5842 1-202-224-1259 > larry_pressler[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > R WA Gorton, Slade 1-202-224-3441 1-202-224-9393 > senator_gorton[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > D WV Rockefeller, John D. 1-202-224-6472 n.a. > senator[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > > Dist ST Name, Address, and Party Phone Fax > ==== == ======================== ============== ============== > 6 GA Gingrich, Newt (R) 1-202-225-4501 1-202-225-4656 > 2428 RHOB georgia6[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > 14 MI Conyers Jr., John (D) 1-202-225-5126 1-202-225-0072 > 2426 RHOB jconyers[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > 1 CO Schroeder, Patricia (D) 1-202-225-4431 1-202-225-5842 > 2307 RHOB > 18 TX Jackson-Lee, Sheila (D) 1-202-225-3816 1-202-225-3317 > 1520 LHOB > 6 TN Gordon, Bart (D) 1-202-225-4231 1-202-225-6887 > 2201 RHOB > > >4. Forward this alert to all of your wired friends. > >________________________________________________________________________ >WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE? > >At this moment, there are several organizations with WWW sites that now >have, or will have, information about the net censorship legislation and >the National Day Of Protest: > >American Civil Liberties Union ( >Center for Democracy and Technology ( >Electronic Frontier Foundation ( >Electronic Privacy Information Center ( >Wired Magazine ( >Voters Telecommunications Watch ( > >________________________________________________________________________ >LIST OF PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS > >In order to use the net more effectively, several organizations have >joined forces on a single Congressional net campaign to stop the >Communications Decency Act. > > >American Civil Liberties Union * American Communication Association * >American Council for the Arts * Arts & Technology Society * Association >of Alternative Newsweeklies * biancaTroll productions * Boston >Coalition for Freedom of Expression * Californians Against Censorship >Together * Center For Democracy And Technology * Centre for Democratic >Communications * Center for Public Representation * Citizen's Voice - >New Zealand * Cloud 9 Internet *Computer Communicators Association * >Computel Network Services * Computer Professionals for Social >Responsibility * Cross Connection * Cyber-Rights Campaign * CyberQueer >Lounge * Dorsai Embassy * Dutch Digital Citizens' Movement * ECHO >Communications Group, Inc. * Electronic Frontier Canada * Electronic >Frontier Foundation * Electronic Frontier Foundation - Austin * >Electronic Frontiers Australia * Electronic Frontiers Houston * >Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire * Electronic Privacy Information >Center * Feminists For Free Expression * First Amendment Teach-In * >Florida Coalition Against Censorship * FranceCom, Inc. Web Advertising >Services * Friendly Anti-Censorship Taskforce for Students * Hands >Off! The Net * Inland Book Company * Inner Circle Technologies, Inc. * >Inst. for Global Communications * Internet On-Ramp, Inc. * Internet >Users Consortium * Joint Artists' and Music Promotions Political Action >Committee * The Libertarian Party * Marijuana Policy Project * >Metropolitan Data Networks Ltd. * MindVox * MN Grassroots Party * >National Bicycle Greenway * National Campaign for Freedom of Expression >* National Coalition Against Censorship * National Gay and Lesbian Task >Force * National Public Telecomputing Network * National Writers Union >* Oregon Coast RISC * Panix Public Access Internet * People for the >American Way * Republican Liberty Caucus * Rock Out Censorship * >Society for Electronic Access * The Thing International BBS Network * >The WELL * Voters Telecommunications Watch > >(Note: All 'Electronic Frontier' organizations are independent entities, > not EFF chapters or divisions.) > >________________________________________________________________________ > End Alert >======================================================================== > > > >-- > >!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >DON'T LET THOSE LOSERS IN CONGRESS DESTROY FREE SPEECH ON THE NET! >Check out the Voters Telecommunications Watch - >TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, is a national day of your part! > > >