Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 15:25:23 -0800 From: Mary Bucholtz Subject: Re: Vocabulary size of historians Rudy, I agree that abstract thought and vocabulary are independent of each other. I want to disjoin the two even further, however, and I remain doubtful that vocabulary size can be predicted, even in some partial way, on the basis of one's discipline. There is an intuitive appeal to the idea, but because this topic brushes up against all kinds of touchy issues like the measurement of intelligence--which was in fact the origin of the thread--I'd want to see data before accepting the suggestion that historians on the whole have a larger vocabulary than syntacticians as a whole. For one thing, surely reading *deeply,* in a very technical field, can enrich one's vocabulary just as much as reading widely. (But that idea too would have to be tested.) Mary Bucholtz Department of Linguistics University of California, Berkeley