Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 08:48:35 CST From: Lisa Pogoff Subject: Re: name's the same >> 'bIuhg.' >I've never heard this pronunciation for 'bag' here in MN. The usual >pronunciation here is [be:g] (It's a scream to hear a bunch of Minnesota >kids say the the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the [fle:g]!). When my oldest >son was in first grade, one of his spelling words was 'bag'. When the >teacher, a MN-sotan, pronounced the word, he naturally wrote , which >is what he heard her say. So, his perfect score was dashed because of >dialect interference. >What's really interesting, tho, is that when my wife and I asked the >teacher about this at parent/teacher conference, the teacher could hear >no difference between her pronunciation [beg] and ours [baeg]! >Fritz Juengling Upon moving to MN, I was surprised to hear my co-workers pronounce the male name "Don" and the female name "Dawn" exactly the same way. Are they also pronounced the same in other parts of the country?