Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 15:11:06 EST From: Sonja Lanehart Subject: Re: Bubblehead Ellen Johnson wrote: >The "bouffant" hairdo, or "beehive", as I call it is undergoing a >resurgence here in Memphis, but among young black women. Some of them >are carrying truly amazing sculpted creations atop their heads. My husband and I have noticed the same thing, although I never thought of them as "bouffant" hairdos. I'm not sure what your student calls them, but we call them poodlecuts. *********************************************************************** Sonja L. Lanehart Dept. of English (300 Park Hall) Phone: (706) 542-2260 University of Georgia Fax: (706) 542-2181 Athens, GA 30602-6205 E-mail: Lanehart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ***********************************************************************