Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:43:30 -0500 From: "Kevin Jay Lipsitz, President" Subject: ----> GREAT DEAL!!!: $295.00 - LIKE NEW CREDIT CARD TERMINAL WITH PRINTER!!! Could you new or expanding business use an (extra) credit card terminal for your new or busy location? We have upgraded our processing software equipment during our recent office expansion and have the following for sale: -Zon Jr. XL credit card terminal, just refurbished last week to like new condition, with a *1 yr. warranty* from the refurbishing company. Can easily be re-programmed by your bank or processor with your merchant account number and dialing info. (we paid $800.00 originally). -Verifone 250 Printer to go with the Zon Jr. XL, in perfect, clean, working condition. (we paid $800.00 when new). -17 rolls of NCR carbonless 2-copy paper for the printer ($68.00 value). -23 new Verifone-brand ribbons for the printer ($230.00 value). We paid over $1900.00 for the above. First $295.00, or best offer, takes everything listed above. For more info, please contact us at: krazykev[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]