End of ADS-L Digest - 2 Dec 1995 to 3 Dec 1995 ********************************************** There are 22 messages totalling 556 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. CHEESEHEADS 2. -head (6) 3. I before E 4. Slow response to postings 5. On Wisconsin! (4) 6. On Wisconsin (p.s.) 7. ----> GREAT DEAL!!!: $295.00 - LIKE NEW CREDIT CARD TERMINAL WITH PRINTER!!! 8. /w/ and /hw/ 9. So fun 10. Familiar 11. Bubblehead (3) 12. CHEESEHEAD appears on Jay Leno show ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 00:04:50 -0500 From: ALICE FABER Subject: CHEESEHEADS Larry Horn writes: > > Dennis, obviously no great Packer-backer himself, writes, > Either that, or he's a fair-weather fan... > >I saw the Green Bay Packers play today and heard their fans, them, and > >Wisconsonites (Wisconsonians?) in general referred to as 'cheeseheads.' > >One of the fans in the stands had a hat shaped like a big wedge of cheese > >(apparently a Swiss). > > Green Bay Packer fans have been proudly wearing those > cheeseheads (yes, it refers to the large yellow object itself as well to the > wearers, and may well encompass all Wisconsinites--not Wisconsonians or > Wisconsonites--but I think the team itself is not known by that moniker) for > some years now, but it was only last week when the cheesehead performed its > first life-saving mission. A fan was returning home from the game in a > private plane which began losing power, and he propped his cheesehead between > himself and whichever hard object he was to encounter on his speedy way down. > I forget the details, but he swears he'll never leave home without one now. > I should have known that if anyone was going to beat me to posting this it would be Larry. Anyhoo, this "face-saving" ability of the cheesehead was widely reported last week, and should do wonders for the sales of such things at the Milwaukee airport and museum. Alice Faber