Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 14:36:07 CST From: Mike Picone Subject: Re: Where o where? It does seem to make some sense to meet in a venue where there is the most overlap of vital interests with another organization, if, that is, one is going to discard the idea of independent meetings because of the added expense, time commitment, etc. This is especially true if the main justification for joint meetings is to further recruitment of potentially interested individuals. I will give an example of where this seems to have worked. When LAVIS-II and SECOL met together, a number of people who were attracted to LAVIS found out about SECOL, too. Some of these people are my colleagues here at Alabama working on Southern dialect and discourse, others I know because, like me, they work on Louisiana French. All had been told about SECOL by me but had made no previous attempt to connect, despite my proddings. It was the link-up with LAVIS that was critical for them in the first instance, but a few of them, I have noticed, now continue to be active members in SECOL and continue participating and presenting at its meetings. Actually, to take the example a step further, it was at LAVIS-II that I first seriously considered membership in ADS after Allan Metcalf's excellent pep talk on that subject. (My membership inadvertantly lapsed this year due to a foul-up on renewal notification, but it will shortly be reinstated for the coming year.) Mike Picone University of Alabama