Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 13:35:54 -0500 From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: Where o where? If we are seeking the attention of the younger variationists, as Dennis P. and Bethany and others argue, and if we shouldn't meet entirely on our own, then wouldn't the best venue be NWAV? It was rejected as locus of our annual meeting early in the discussion, on the grounds that - well, it's not an organization, and meetings are scheduled just from year to year, so it would be hard to work with and we couldn't make long-range plans. But if that's where the new members are, we could certainly be nimble enough to tag along. Compared to LSA (let alone MLA), it's much smaller, so our presence would be more notable. We could make sure to have a table displaying our publications and membership forms; could have the table personned at appropriate times; could announce opportunities to confer with the editors of our publications. I suppose we should do that anyhow, even if we don't have our annual meeting there. As executive secretary, I'll make it a pledge to have some such official presence regularly at NWAV in the future. Do any of you remember 1978, when we *did* meet side by side with NWAV, in Washington DC? As I recall, it was perfectly pleasant and there was some intermingling; it was only through inertia that next year we drifted back to meeting with MLA/LSA (the two then meeting at the same time and often in the same place). We'll have coffee and Danish at 8 am Thursday, December 29 in the Monaco room on the second floor of Le Meridien San Diego, where this important decision will be the principal item on the agenda for the ADS Executive Council. The meeting is open and you are welcome to come. If you can't, your presence will be felt in the discussion we've had on ADS-L. - Allan Metcalf