Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 13:31:18 -0600 From: "Timothy C. Frazer" Subject: Re: Word...of the year I want to make another nomination for WOTY. But first, congrats to Dennis of Urbana for making the editorial page of the Chicago TRIB with his WOTY column. Not many of us get to moonlight as pundits (sigh). . . . My nomination :____________management. Yes, its a bit dated, but it deserves even belated attention. We live in an age full of hubris, in which we believe any problem will submit to "management" We give degrees in mangagement. We give lots of money to people who convince us they can do management. We have forest management (which ususally means the forest will disappear); we have environmental management (Duke has a degree program in that); we have wildlife management (see forest_____); we have land management. In the same issue of the Trib where Dennis' column appeared ran a story that said cowboys where disappearing, giving way to "land management." My university has a management department. I suspect that academe will eventually have academic managers instead of deans ir chairpersons; I pray I can wrack up enough credits toward retirement before that happens. Of course, in education we call it "administration." Thats what they call it in hospitals, too. Oh yeah, home management. How many of you are in universities with degrees or departments of Home Management? How many of you believe that homes are the least bit manageable? Just think of the impact on your life of folks who do management. S&L collapses, coporate downsizing, pink slips, new shopping malls. . . . Where I live our hospital "management" has decided to lay off RNs and just put a TV camera in each patient's, with an unskilled, minimum wage person scanning the monitors. Yes, management play a huge role in our postmodern lives, and deserves any attention it can get. Wow, long post. It's raining and I can't go outside. Sorry. Tim Frazer