Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 19:01:04 -0600 From: Katherine Catmull Subject: Holiday Giving--Don't Mail to Those Addresses I got a message like Michael Linn's too, but it turns out to be a misunderstanding that is causing the folks at those addresses some problems. I've attached this from alt.folklore.urban. Please spread this around to anyone who's sending out those messages. > From: pbfriedm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (Perry Friedman) > Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban > Subject: Re: Holiday email folklore? > Date: 14 Dec 1994 18:39:06 -0800 [deletia] > Some more info on this, from Sun: > > Received: DECEMBER 14, 1994 18:26 Sent: DECEMBER 14, 1994 18:25 > From: Jamison Gray > To: phdcs-alumnus[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CS.Stanford.EDU phdcs[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CS.Stanford.EDU mscs-alumnus[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CS.Stanford.EDU mscs[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CS.Stanford.EDU chughes[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Subject: Correction (Re: Holiday Spirit) > Reply-to: UNX03.US.ORACLE.COM:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]Sunburn.Stanford.EDU:Jamison.Gray[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] UNX03.US.ORACLE.COM:[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]Xenon.Stanford.EDU > X-Sun-Charset: US-ASCII > > Sorry for the wide distribution, but there's incorrect > information floating around on the net. This is from > Sun's PR department: > > Sun is participating in a project conducted by the Internet > Multicasting Service to generate funds for the needy during the > Holidays. The project, called the Cyberspace Christmas Campaign, > consists of a home page -- -- on the World Wide Web, > accessible via a browser such as Mosaic. > > Every time the page is accessed, Sun will donate 10 cents to the Second > Harvest Food Bank. Sun's limit will be a total of $25,000. Other > companies are participating as well, donating funds to their specified > charities. > > ***Contrary to an e-mail circulating on the Internet, the donation is > not made every time an e-mail message is sent to this address.*** > > For more information, contact Luther Brown at the Internet Multicasting > Service, 202-628-2044 or George Paolini at Sun Microsystems, > 415-336-0806. > > The aforementioned Home Page ( includes the text: > > Please Don't Spam Santa > > There is a rumor going around that we're trying to get as > many messages as possible sent to santa[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Not true...Santa has all the mail he can handle and asks > that you refrain from spamming him or there might be a few > last-minute transfers to the "naughty" list. > > Please correct this rumor wherever you've seen it. > > Happy holidays to all! > -- Jamie Gray kate kate[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]