Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 14:30:10 -0500 From: Jesse T Sheidlower Subject: Re: Word...of the year > This year the WOTY session has been bifurcated. Nominations will be made and > received at 10 am Wednesday the 28th. David Barnhart will have his own list, > and John and Adele Algeo's (they can't attend this year but have sent two > pages), and will present those and consider others, making a list of final > candidates in cooperation with others present. Then the next afternoon, at > our usual 5 pm time, we'll have the usual vote on the winners. > Please join in, if you can. And in case we get media attention as we did > last year, please let me know if you'd like to help with newspaper, radio, > and TV interviews. > If you can't be there, you *can* join in the deliberations by posting your > own nominations on ADS-L. (Or if for some reason you're shy, send them > directly to me.) Even if you can be there, advance notice will help. If there really is a day and a half between the nominations and the voting, I'd like to suggest that the list of nominations be posted to ADS-L, and allow non-attendees to vote by proxy by E-mail. This would not only permit the participation of more Society members, but would also give us a gigantic hook and which to hang a publicity effort--the information superhighway, our very successful word of the year, is still enough in the news that using it to vote for next year's WotY would be noticed. Jesse T Sheidlower Random House Reference