Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 12:46:45 -0600 From: Natalie Maynor Subject: An Ad and a Question The question first: What are your opinions of the posting of ads like the following on ADS-L? Do you think all commerical ads should be banned from the list (which would be difficult to enforce, of course, since right now anybody can post to the list and since, even if we changed the list to 'send= private' [only subscribers could post], somebody could subscribe for two minutes, send the ad, and then unsubscribe)? Hmmm. The parenthetical part of that sentence got pretty long, didn't it. Do you think that ads should be posted if they are for products related to the topic of the list? Do you think that all ads sent to me or to the list should be posted since people who don't want to read them can delete them? Other opinions? This is a topic often debated on lists like LSTOWN-L. I have no strong feelings about it. Here's an ad I received this morning: > Date: 07 Dec 94 17:37 GMT > From: ECOLING[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AppleLink.Apple.COM (Ecological Linguistics,Anderson,PRT) > Subject: Fonts available > To: MAYNOR[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]RA.MSSTATE.EDU > > Please post the following message to the discussions list ADS-L: > > Ecological Linguistics offers high quality fonts for essentially all alphabets > of the world including many extinct writing systems; also many transliteration > standards and phonetic symbols as used for English dialects > > You will find these fonts to be both higher quality and lower prices than those > available from other sources. Rated "best foreign language fonts" by one of > the two largest Macintosh users groups for two years running. Used by major > academic institutions for publishing. > > For Macintosh (best on system 7 or later), for all alphabets, including super- > efficient keyboard software; both Postscript and TrueType outline font formats > scalable to any size. > > For Windows (3.1 or later), TrueType fonts > > The following scripts are (as of December 1994) available on Macintosh only in > system versions 7.1 to 7.1.2: Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic/Hebrew, not on > Windows > > A free catalog of samples is available if you send your postal address (not > email or fax) via Internet to > > ECOLING[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > > or via Applelink to > > ECOLING. > > Or send a letter by post to > Ecological Linguistics > P.O. Box 15156 > Washington, D.C., 20003 >