Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 11:47:05 -0600 From: "Timothy C. Frazer" Subject: Re: The ADS crystal ball Thanks to Don Larmouth for the reminder that LSA decided to quit meet ng with MLA. Would it make any difference if MLA and LSA met in the same place again? If so, aren't there a lot of us who are LSA members, who could lobby for a change? I mention this cause I hate to give up the MLA affiliation. I don't mean I like it; like Bethany, I feel allergic to it, maybe because no one at MLA speaks English anymore (and I don't mean the foreign language people). But there are advantages, at least for people like me who have spouses or functional equivalent who have reason to go to MLA. But as someone pointed out, there are things like the present-day English sesssion, stuff for medievalists--a lot of ADSers are medievalists, I believe--Language and Society and others. And I say this even though I only go when it's in Chicago and I don't have to go on a plane. On the other hand, I have thought of one advantage for the April spearate meeting--would it be possible for such a meeting to occur in someplace other than one of the horrible cities where MLA meets, someplace where you don't feel you need to rent an armored car to drive around in, like Urbana or Madison or Omaha? Oops, sorry for the heartland bias--Lexington? Vail? (summer only) Panama City Beach? Iowa City? Lawrence? Fayetteville? How's Knoxville in the Spring, anyway? Athens? All such moderate sized places, esp. if there's a big U. there, could probalby accomodate ADS without the hassle and stress of the huge megapolitan horrors. I only tolerate Chicago cause its close; I never want to go to NYC again. Oh, Charlottesville is nice, too. And I'll cast two votes for Chapel Hill. Tim Frazer PS Bloomington (Ill or Indiana, but not Minnesota) is/are nice too