Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 18:27:38 -0500 From: ALICE FABER Subject: RE /bijl/ I just got back from a conference, and among the 49 messages waiting (and I get ADS-L in digest form!), is one about the very topic of our (me, Cathi Best, and Marianna Di Paolo) presentation... The question was about the tendency to pronounce /ihl/ as /ijl/ and /ijl/ ans /ihl/, I believe in Texas. With regard to Texas, this was one of the variables Guy Bailey and his colleagues tracked in their study of Texas English. The only reference I can think of off hand is the paper on apparent time that appeared in Language Variation and Change in the past year or so. They may also have tracked this in Oklahoma. Marianna Di Paolo has investigated similar phenomena in Utah, and I have collaborated with her in some of this work. We had a paper in LVC in 1990, that includes references to literature on the phenomena in other regions (what little we were able to find); unfortunately, I don't have a copy at home, so I can't post details, alas. Alice Faber Faber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]