Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 17:01:26 -0400 From: TPRATT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UPEI.CA Subject: Offensive Sayings "from" PEI -- Last Post Thanks again for letting air, fresh or fetid, into this subject. For the fourth and final time then, are any of the following, in your experience, used OUTSIDE THE NEW ENGLAND STATES OR THE ATLANTIC PROVINCES? The question is relevant to ongoing work on a dictionary of Prince Edward Island sayings. Please respond to: tpratt[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Use bare numbers if that will help speed your reply. 74. stupid as my arse and not half so cute 75. stupid as pissing the bed awake 76. You can't sweep the floor and wipe your ass at the same time. (two irreconcilable things) 77. tight as a cat's ass (variant on the usual bull; stingy) 78. tight as a fiddler's fart (ditto -- but why?) 79. Up Jumbo's hole to see the moon rising. (not your business where I'm going) 80. useless / useful as a fart in the wind 81. useless as a pisshole in a snowbank 82. useless as tits on a goose (variant of usual bull, etc.) 83. going to water a horse (urinate) 84. Well brought up -- why weren't you? (burp) 85. well-fed at both ends (overweight) 86. Wherever you may be, let your wind blow free. (excuse for fart) 87. a whore of a day (stormy) 88. not worth a patch on a good man's arse 89. not worth the sweat off a dead man's arse 90. to wring the mitt (male urinate) 91. carrying last year's fun (pregnant) 92. She's that way. (pregnant) 93. There's never an old shoe but there's a sock to fit it. (anyone can find a mate). THAT'S IT. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN SAN DIEGO.