Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 15:19:59 EST From: GERALDINE CARTER Subject: Brigidy Growing up, I occasionally heard the word BRIGIDY. The context was always in reference to women. For example: >A mother to young daughter misbehaving, "You're brigidy." >Over heard about my sister-in-law who is slim and trim at sixty years old, wearing blue jeans and riding a horse. "She always was brigidy." >Finally, beleive it or not, "She has brigidy bumps." ?? I grew up in the Miami Valley in Ohio and twice moved to Franklin County in Indiana just forty-five minutes from Ohio. Other than hearing brigidy spoken by my mother, who is from Berea, Kentucky, all the other instances that I have heard brigidy spoken have been in Eastern Kentucky where I presently live. Has anyone heard brigidy? If so, from where and in what context? Geraldine Carter Morehead State University Morehead, Kentucky