Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 07:48:44 -0800 From: "CAVEMAN -- San Bernardino, Calif. USA" Subject: SoCal Freeway Names As Aaron rews pointed out, the 91 freeway changes names three times in its travel through Orange and Losa Angeles Counties: the Riverside Freeway, the Artesia Freeway, and the Redondo Beach Freeway. It is much easier to tell somebody to take the 91 to the end, than to tell them to take the Riverside Freeway to the Artesia Freeway, and continue on to the Redondo Beach Freeway, etc. Interstate 5 also changed names through Orange and LA counties: in the south, it it the San Diego Freeway, then the Santa Ana Freeway, then the Golden State Freeway in the north (of LA). The Santa Monica Freeway is Interstate 405 for part of the way (a north/south) freeway) and it is also Interstate 10 for part of the way (an east/west freeway). To use the names of the freeways, here in Southern California, would be too confusing -- I can say much about the bay area (San Francisco area). Chuck Coker Commuter at Large CJCoker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPomona.Edu PS: Sorry, about all the typos, we are temporarily without heat and my fingertips are numb. I think my keyboard is numb, too. (Yes, we DO get snow in some parts of Sunny Southern California.)