Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1993 11:37:50 CST From: "Donald M. Lance" Subject: Re: modren metathesis I was a bit hasty in an earlier posting saying that the code-switching I am familiar with is rarely inter-sentential. A good source of data on inter-sentential switching is the weekly brodcast of mass at the cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. We get it here on VISN, cable of course, at noon cst each Sunday. The senior priest uses much more Spanish than the younger one. Usually the switch occurs at certain points in the service. They also will have segments of a sermon in one language and then shift to the other, but the content is not exactly the same in each language. The older priest shifts languages much more frequently than the younger one. Gwyn Williams asks whether the kind of switching that I demonstrated in a posting last week is the same phenomenon as inter-sentential switching. What I've seen on VISN does seem to me to be "different" in that it serves a different purpose discoursally. The kind of switching that I recorded in my research seemed not to be discoursally motivated. Both Sali and Gwyn have suggested that the difference may be a matter of degree along a spectrum. If these behaviors are different phenomena, they are not located at different points along a spectrum. This topic may be more appropriate for another List. It's interesting that the interchange has continued with the topic 'modren metathesis'. DMLance