Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 09:30:15 -0500 From: "William A. Kretzschmar, Jr." Subject: Re: modren metathesis In all this talk about monolithic vs. polylithic systems, we do we have to make the initial assumption that we are talking about "systems", or that what we mean by "system" should be the same (assuming that we can determine what "same" means given the slippery source) as what Chomsky means by it. Why not ask the same psycholinguistic (I would prefer the term "cognitive", or even "perceptual") questions without the Procrustean cot [kawt]. ****************************************************************************** Bill Kretzschmar Phone: 706-542-2246 Dept. of English FAX: 706-542-2181 University of Georgia Internet: billk[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Athens, GA 30602-6205 Bitnet: wakjengl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]uga