Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 11:21:13 +0700 From: Gwyn Williams Subject: HELP! Bob Marley Lyrics I am teaching a course "Varieties of English" in the Linguistics Department in a university in Thailand. I have major problems with getting samples of different accents and dialects of English. One I do have is a tape of Bob Marley songs. The songs contain a few examples of non-Standard English and what I assume are some features of Creole. I am not sure of just how much of it is Creole, given that it is popular music. I have one tape with Bob Marley and the Wailers, titled "Rebel Music". My problem is that I do not understand some of the words of his songs. I wonder if someone would be able to fill in the lyrics of parts of his songs. I do not need all the lyrics, only those parts that are non-Standard. The songs I am particularly interested in are: 1) "Them Belly Full, But We Hungry" This song would be a great sample, unfortunately the refrain is almost totally unintelligible to me. And the lyrics seem to change each time :-( Them/Our belly full but we hungry A hungry mouth is a hungry/angry(?) mouth(?) I gotta food(?) but it ???? [ain't enough?/tough?] I wert(?) ???, but it yern't(?) enough We're gonna dance to the music ... We gonna chuck(?) to the music [chuck=dance?] ... 2) "Roots" Roots ??? roots, ???? been betrayed(?) I and I(?) ????? roots Some are leaves, some are branches I and I ????? roots Some are dry wood(?) for the fire Well, y'all look at that(?) They need the dry wood to cook their raw food(?) I and I ????? roots You got to survive in this man-made ???? .... Any help will be truly appreciated. Gwyn Williams Thammasat University Bangkok