Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:40:35 -0800 From: "Thomas L. Clark" Subject: m-o-d-r-e-n Your message dated: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 16:58:04 CST -------- > Aside: A family friend from long ago (1940s) was given to hypercorrection. > When she was waxing wise about all the good things of our era she intoned > m-o-d-r-e-n will full confidence. Given other things she said, I'd say > this wasn't metathesis. Has anyone else heard this form? > DMLance A friend and colleague who became a DJ for a folk-music program on local Public Radio intoned very formally the call letters for the station, as he was required to do, and added "the news source for all of s-o-u-t-h-r-e-n Nevada." I could tell he was using his best H. V. Kaltenborn announcer's voice and wanted it to sound Official. After he had done this for a few weeks, I called his attention to it. He stopped using the metathesised form and went back to his regular pronunciation of southern. ------------------------------------------------------- Thomas L. Clark English Department UNLV 89154 tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]