Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:14:10 CST From: Dennis Baron Subject: Re: Ages and Centuries Don, I've heard modren in NYC and out here in central IL. I myself use it ironically, as do others, so I assume there is a wide enough base out there to support the irony. Btw, the Renaissance, whatever century it occurred in, named itself, or so I am led to believe. I know that modern is relative, and my designation of the 20c as modern should convey a sense of irony: we call ourselves modern to separate ourselves from what came before. Or postmodern, as is more and more common. Modern in the sense modern art may indeed become frozen, attached to 20c art thru the 50s or 60s. The use of modern, postmodern, and contemporary is an interesting one. As is the distinction (if any) between MnEnglish and Present-Day English. Is there postmodern English? Will we define our own period, as the Renaissance did (may have done?) or will it be defined for us next century? Sorry to be so philosophical. I'm trying not to grade papers. Dennis --