Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 08:48:12 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: No one I've always assumed that the "correct" spelling was the one above, for the reason cited (i.e. to avoid misparsing it as the feminine of 'noon'). Of course, other such misparsings take place all the time without protection (misled, beribboned,...), but there does seem to be a tendency to break up non-tautosyllabic 'oo' sequences, either by diaeresis, hyphen, or when possible separating with word boundary. The former two options are both used for 'co-operate', the latter two for 'no(-)one'. In fact, the message that arrived in my mailer right after yours (from a different net) contained several instances of 'no-one'. I've also seen 'noone', but it's always confused me at the first pass for the obvious reason. One nice dialectal divergence resulting from the diaeresis-less occurrence of 'oo' is that between the Yale Co-op and the Harvard Coop, where the latter (but of course not the former) sounds as if it should house chickens. Spelling pronunciation, one presumes. Larry