Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 11:18:25 -0600 From: Dennis Baron Subject: name that decade Last night at an end of term party someone asked me what the name for the next decade will be. What, in other words, will come after the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties? The zeroes? I allowed as how this was an interesting question, another in the long list of questions I get for which I have no answer. Aside from speculating and innovating (I've seen suggestions for "the oughties, the singletons, the ohs, and the naughties," does anyone know if there was a term for the first decade of the 1900s? I'm talking historical, attested forms here. Dennis -- debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (\ 217-333-2392 \'\ fax: 217-333-4321 Dennis Baron \'\ __________ Department of English / '| ()_________) Univ. of Illinois \ '/ \ ~~~~~~~~ \ 608 S. Wright St. \ \ ~~~~~~ \ Urbana IL 61801 ==). \__________\ (__) ()__________)