Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 16:52:36 +0700 From: Gwyn Williams Subject: Hello and help! Hello everyone, I have just joined this group from Thailand. I am a New Zealander by upbringing. I teach linguistics in Thailand. My present interest in this group arises from the fact that I am teaching a linguistics course "Varieties of English". We have started with a look at the history of the English language from old to modern and will soon be looking at particular varieties. Anything of relevance and interest will end up in folder for my students. You may see one of my major problems (um, challenges) is that I am attempting to teach about English varieties to non-native speakers of low competence. I wonder if anyone has any ideas that may make things less tedious for them and for me. I intend to cover dialect, accent (probably mostly this), style, native and non-native varieties (World Englishes). One thing I would love to get hold of are word lists or sentences that illustrate various dialects or accent differences. Do such exist in this group? I'd appreciate anything. I could use them to send students out to interview hapless tourists in the locality :-) I have access to several texts, eg., by Trudgill, etc. Of limited use to us: to much reading, too few examples :-( Many thanks (Mr.) Gwyn Williams Department of Linguistics Thammasat University Bangkok Thailand