End of ADS-L Digest - 6 Dec 1993 to 7 Dec 1993 ********************************************** There are 8 messages totalling 172 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. The /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch (6) 2. Hello and help! 3. reply to Williams ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 08:26:27 +0100 From: Hans Vappula Subject: The /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch Robert Kelly says, on the /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch: >sound lost in initial position in Scots, to be clearer. >the g's in Dutch geen and Dutch gracht > >and to my ear in Scotland, the loch is less affricated. > >But we hear what we want to hear. Robert, You're right, there _is_ a difference, even to my ear. I'm not exactly a fluent speaker of Dutch :-), so I can't say how big it is. But it's there - though I find the ch in loch and g in geen to be pretty close to each other, but, as you point out, they're not quite the same. Although they of course could be for _some_ bilingual speakers of Scots/Dutch (an analogy to the earlier pin/pen debate here). //H. //Hans Vappula, Gothenburg Universities' Computing Centre, G|teborg, Sweden ========================================================================= Hans Vappula * guchw[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]gd.chalmers.se * hans.vappula[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]gd.gu.se ([AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] = at sign)