Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 11:57:15 +0100 From: Hans Vappula Subject: How to say quarter to/past and half past in Swedish At 20.47 (GMT-7) on 3.12.93 Rudy Troike wrote to ADS-L: >P.P.S. How do you say the quarter and half hour times in Swedish again? I've been unable to send to Rudy's bitnet address and do not have an Internet address for him, so I'll have to post here. Half past two = halv tre quarter to three = kvart i tre quarter past three = kvart |ver tre (| = o with umlaut/diaeresis) "I" of course translates as "in", and "|ver" as "over". >I wonder if it is native or a calque on German? I don't really know. It may be a Germanism, but I'd rather say it's of common Germanic origin, since Icelandic also has "half thrir" for "half past two". (Put acute accents over the a and the i and replace th with thorn here.) As for Icelandic equivs. of quarter to/past, I can't remember off the top of my head if they follow the pattern of the other Nordic languages and Finnish, but I could find out, if you are interested. //Hans //Hans Vappula, Gothenburg Universities' Computing Centre, G|teborg, Sweden ========================================================================= Hans Vappula * guchw[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] * hans.vappula[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ([AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] = at sign)