Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 20:48:11 -0600 From: Daniel S Goodman-1 Subject: NYTimes and disappearing Newyawkese On Fri, 3 Dec 1993, ALICE FABER wrote: > Of course the NY Times uses expressions that aren't stereotypical of current > NY speech. The whole point of most of our objections to the Times article on > NY dialects was that they erroneously treated loss of stereotypical NY > features as equivalent to loss of a distinctly NY dialect. I realized that -- I just wanted to point out a bit of irony. My dialect is either Upstate New York or Hudson Valley. To me, New York City speech sounds odder than the way English-speaking Montrealers talk. (My mother grew up in NYC and has that accent, but that's not the dialect I picked up.) Relatively young people from New York City -- and from Jersey and the Island -- may not have accents as strong as workingclass and lowerclass New Yorkers who grew up before WWII -- but they still don't sound exactly accentless to me. Dan Goodman dsg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] "Deealict? We don't ain't got no deealict, maister!"