Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 17:09:31 -0800 From: Donald Livingston Subject: Re: Half Past the Hour For those interested, the Russian version of 3:30 is 'polovina chetvyortovo', literally "half of the fourth". And 12:30 is 'polovina pervovo', literally "half of the first". In my teaching experience, most American students of Russian must make a fairly serious mental effort to learn this formulation, so I have been much surprised to hear of the Scottish English equivalent noted by Hans Vappula. All the best, Don. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Don Livingston (Graduate Student) 4500 Whitman Ave. North #2 Dept. Slav. Lang. & Lit., DP-32 Seattle, WA 98103 University of Washington Phone/Fax (206) 634-1539 Seattle, WA 98195