Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 09:39:53 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: th/dh I realize from Donald Lance's posting that another minimal pair for the above in the relevant dialect(s) would be bath's (voiceless) vs. baths or baths' (voiced). Again, not a particularly high functional load, as we used to say. Thanks for the suggestions on sh/zh, folks, but I'm afraid my _fission_ is as voiceless as my _fishin'_ and my _tressure_ is non-existent (except in the context "I know _treasure_ but not _tressure_"); it's apparently something to do with hair-dressing. As for houses, my favorite datum comes from a linguist colleague whose identity will be shielded here. She claims to have always distinguished _housewife_ ([HAWSwayf] as for everyone else) from _housewives_ (which she pronounces [HAWZwayvz], with all fricatives voiced). Some form of voicing harmony or regressive assimilation, but limited to this lexical item. (She's in her 40's and grew up in southern New England.) --Larry Horn