From THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS STORY, Dennis Boyd (McGraw-Hill, 1973).

pg. 35: Following a lavish cocktail reception at the bayshore Inn, Walters

was quoted as questioning the propriety of the word "canucks." He mused, "I'm

not completely sold on the team name. The word Canucks strikes me as a slang

expression that I don't particularly like. If there are no serious objections

from the fans, we are going to consider a change."

Well, Walters might just as well have suggested adding a couple of stars

to the Canadian flag. Reaction in Vancouver was scorchingly indignant, Tides

rose three feet in English Bay, the Fraser Street Bridge jammed in shock and

the Canucks' switchboard was assaulted with calls from Canada-Firsters.

Scallen threw in the towel on that one, saying that he and Walters had been

advised that the name derived from the legendary figure of Johnny Canuck "the

Canadian fighting man." We intend to have a fighting hockey team so we're

happy to let the name stand." Score one for the Canucks' public relations