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Subject: Blind Tiger; X-Mess; The Raven

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RHHDAS has "blind tiger" meaning "illicit whiskey" to 1904, and meaning

"speakeasy" to 1909. Tom Dalzell might be covering this for his SLANG OF SIN,

and he should know that both of these dates are way off.

The DA records "Blind Tiger, ten cents a sight" to 1857. This probably

refers to the drink. For the latter, I have this from the Atlanta Journal

(GA), 11 January 1886, pg. 2, col. 3:

"Blind Tigers."

"Blind tigers" is what they call the illicit whisky shops which dot the

line between northwest Georgia and Alabama.

In the same newspaper, pg. 3 col. 1, is: THOUGH HE HAD' EM/ THE VISION

WHICH TERRIFIED AN "ALL NIGHT" MAN./ The Stout Man with a Fly in His Eye--The

Slender Man Who Thought He Felt the "Jim-Jams"--Explained.

I have a few other "jim-jams," but no antedate. RHHDAS has 1869.