Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 01:34:51 EST


Subject: American Popular Speech; White House


No response? No response at all?

The AMERICAN POPULAR SPEECH online publication will accept ads (which, on

the computer, would be charged per site "hit"). Unlike AMERICAN SPEECH,

everyone who writes for it will be PAID! It could be a lot or a

little--whatever the ADS & ANS feel like payin'. Depends on the site "hits."

We'll send a press release to every computer magazine and computer


We'll tell every college and high school language program.

We'll get an Associated Press story. Entertainment Weekly, too. Maybe

even Safire will write about it.

And we'll advertise.

If you go to the movies, you notice that there are advertising slides

before the main presentation. One of the slides will say something like,

"Movie Reviews & a lot more. WWW.AMPOPSPEECH.COM, a new (free!) online

magazine from the American Dialect Society and the American Name Society."

Those kids who go to the movies are very computer literate. Many are

applying to college programs, including language programs. Not one is an ADS

member, and probably not one has read AMERICAN SPEECH. That's our fault.

The first issue of AMERICAN POPULAR SPEECH online will have

50,000-100,000 hits.