Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 02:32:45 EST


Subject: ADS-L again; Bean Town; Wicked Chicago; Nuts


How does that song go in OKLAHOMA!? The farmer and the cowboy can be

friends? What about the sociolinguists and etymologists? Aren't the words

and phrases we use and how we use them both equally important?

Do you have to use the word "unprofessional"?? Ouch!! Now I know how

dentists and chiropractors feel! Next time you get a toothache or a backache,

you won't go to a professional brain surgeon, will you?

Although no one's done so, give some thought to an online AMERICAN POPULAR

SPEECH magazine such as the one I posted. The linguists might go to the

AMISTAD review, the lexicographers might go to NEW WORDS AND PHRASES or NOTES

AND QUERIES, and onomasts might check out the origin of Pumbaa in THE LION

KING review. There's something for everybody--and I do mean that!

I left something out of that posting--sound cards. The online magazine

will have sound! It'll be amazing!! Cool! Neato! Even fun!! Say only one

out of every thousand people who see a movie checks out our review of it.

That's gonna be thousands of people! And say one of those people is a Bill

Gates or Ross Perot, and he goes to our web site, and he reads about DARE. Or

say it's a student, and that student then becomes interested in linguistics

and wants to take your courses and buy your books.

Think about AMERICAN POPULAR SPEECH again. I think it's our future. We

shouldn't enter the next millennium without it.

Hakuna Matata! (See LION KING review for etymology. Punch sound card for

audio clip.)