Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 20:26:53 -0800

From: Kim & Rima McKinzey rkm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SLIP.NET

Subject: Re: Openness

Let's not bite the hand that extends itself to us in friendship....

YES!!!!! Allan, as usual, has put it all very well. Not all of us

"professionals" are in academia with full departments of research material

at our immediate beck and call. Please let us not contribute to the

stereotype of rarified, patronizing Academic.

I work at home and have a good many of what would be considered "basic"

reference materials, but not all. There are many posted topics about which

I have absolutely no interest. There are many about which I do. But

that's why God invented the delete key. None of us has an infinite amount

of time to spend on e-mail - much less the time sink of the Web.

I was feeling entirely too intimidated to stick my two cents in (and then

annoyed at feeling intimidated), but I just had to agree with Allan (also