Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 13:28:07 EST


Subject: Publishing our journals

Ron Butters reminds me that increasing readership is only one of the reasons

for re-evaluating our publishing arrangements. There is also, very

importantly, the financial situation (how much ADS pays the press, or vice

versa; who pays what for the editorial office; how much members pay in dues

for the publications).

And with the Internet becoming so important, there is the ancillary but

significant question of electronic versions and copy rights.

An ad hoc committee is studying this, and has proposals from several presses

(including our current one, U of Alabama); and undoubtedly this will be the

major topic of discussion at our Executive Council meeting in January, to

which all ADS members are invited (see page 5 of the September newsletter).

The committee consists of Lawrence Davis (ADS past president), chair; William

Kretzschmar (editor of Journal of English Linguistics), Ronald Butters

(general editor of ADS publications and editor of PADS), Walt Wolfram (ADS

president), and me, with Connie Eble (AS editor) and Charles Carson (AS

managing editor) as consultants.

- Allan Metcalf, ADS executive secretary