Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:52:01 -0500

From: mmcdaniel mmcdaniel_at_interval-miami[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]INTERVAL-INTL.COM

Subject: Re: Posts from non-professionals

I think the key to posting on any list is careful consideration.

Whether someone is a student or a professional, he or she should

consider the following when about to post:

1. Am I _reacting_ or _responding_?

2. Do I really have knowledge of this topic, or just an interest?

3. Am I insulting someone else?

4. Am I saying something of value to the list, or do I just like to

see my own posts?

Your responses to these questions should not necessarily keep you from

making your post, but rather help you shape your post so that it

benefits the list as much as possible.

I am a magazine editor with an interest in linguistics. I tend to lurk

and not post; I use the list to learn, mostly. I never post about

pronunciation or etymology because I am not knowledgeable in those

areas. I ask questions when I need answers, I respond to "have you

ever heard..." posts, and I submit opinions when I believe mine is as

valid as any other list member.

I hope ADS-L will remain open to non-ADS members such as myself. I

like Susanmarie's ideas for the list. I once belonged to a list that

was automatically open to a certain group (ophthalmologists); anyone

who was not an ophthalmologist (I do medical editing, among other

things) had to apply to the moderator. If someone posted

inappropriately, he or she could be removed by the moderator.

Hope these thoughts help.

Matthew McDaniel