First the New York Post did license plate names, and now the New York

Daily News has done dog names. (What, no cat names?) It's in the December

8th newspaper on pages 7, 28, and 29. Yes, it's been a slow news week!

There are 85, 735 licensed dog names in New York City.

The article starts with menacing dog names such as Bad Attitude, Baddest,

Bazooka, Bullett Proof, Bull Dozer, Bruglar, Bite/Bitten, Corrupt, Crusher,

Curtains, Deathrow, Demon XVI, Destroyer, Ferocious, Firstblood, Mafioso,

Negative, Predator, Monster, Rikers, Slasher, Sledge, Spike, Kill, Terminator,

Thug, Vendetta....

This reminds me of another old joke. There was a woman who named her

dog Virginity. One day, the dog was lost and she tried to find it...