Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 20:32:03 -0500


Subject: Can't we all just get along?

I don't like to throw any more sparks into the already burning flame about

posts from non-professionals, but I feel that a few things definitely

need to be said.

First and foremost, I am a "non-professional," an undergraduate student

if you will, and I find it disturbing that any so-called "professional"

individual would even bother arguing back and forth with someone else

about most of the matters that appear on this list. There have been

instances in which I have logged into my email only to find these darts

being thrown from BOTH directions. Certainly, some of these non-prof's

need to watch what they say and choose words as well as general questions

wisely, but let the same forewarning go out to all of the professionals.

Thank you, Beverly, for pointing out that we are not all in the wrong or

out of place in subscribing to a list such as this one. I would venture

to say that there are very few who have only posted what he/she has

deemed truly worth reading to the general ADS audience. It seems to me

that most everyone has wasted a certain number of precious kilobytes in

the posting of unnecessary, even ignorant (dare I say it?) information.

Professionals and non-professionals alike SHOULD be a member of this

list, if they so choose. But it is the responsibility of both parts to

maintain a civil interaction so that the educational aspects can come

through and leave behind the bickering.

Professionals, beware of your tongue-lashing, we're just trying to get to

where you are in life. Careful, or you may scare us all away.

Non-professionals, use your noggin. Don't post haphazardly, and don't

give these professional individuals with whom we interact a reason to

hide from us.

Thank you,



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Joseph Charles Streible, Jr.

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Morehead State University


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