Back in the '70s, guys had "glass ceilings" for their sexual conquests.

I never understood this. Say the woman is on the bottom. She looks up at the

glass ceiling, checks out the guy's butt--maybe that's why you don't see 'em


The perfect publication for this phrase is WORKING WOMAN magazine

(1976--). So late today (the library closes at about 6:45 p.m.) I went to

SIBL, the New York Public Library's Science Industry, and Business Library on

34th Street.

They didn't have WORKING WOMAN.

It's on microfilm at the 42nd Street Library--which closed at 5:45 p.m.


I calmly, calmly pointed out that this is the Science, Industry, and

BUSINESS Library, and that the publication is called WORKING WOMAN, and that

not only WOULD IT MAKE PERFECT SENSE for this branch to have it, but I had

gone on the internet the night before and IT SAID THAT THIS F**KING BRANCH HAD


I'm perfectly calm.

I won't hit the ceiling...