Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 19:00:50 -0500

From: Grant Barrett gbarrett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]JERRYNET.COM

Subject: RE PopChar

Try going to

It's a comprehensive archive of Mac demos and shareware. It allows you to do a search, so you

can look up "key map" or "key caps" or "font layout" or "key assignments" and you're bound to

come up with something good.

Also, you might try to see if there's an updated version of PopChar.

I have just this minute finished installing a new router to connect to a 256K Interframe Internet

access line, and my DNS is not working properly, so I can't check these things out to give you

more specific recommendations.

As for PowerMacs, have you seen the new G3 Macs with the PowerPC 750 chips? Fastest

desktops in the world in tests, they say. Run cycles around Pentium II MMX.

Grant Barrett