DARE has one 1827 "got up" reference; this is from September 1829, pg.


Since you have, at great expense, "got up" a Sporting Magazine....

And this "got by" is from April 1830, pg. 382:

There is a most preposterous and wretched affectation creeping into our

sporting tongue,* which has not even the merit of being good English. As

such a horse is "sired" such another; or he was "sired" by Eclipse; for _got

by_ Eclipse. (N.B. not _gotten_ by.) We shall read soon of colts and

fillies _dammed_ by such and such mares. The true style of the Turf is, He

was _got_ by Eclipse _out of_ Madcap. (The Irish say _on_ Madcap.)

*Let the barbarous innovations be confined to the Senate and the Bar, but let

us keep to our good old vernacular tongue. What should we say to "a _covey_

of wild geese and a _flock_ of partridges?"