Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:16:22 -0500

From: Grant Barrett gbarrett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]JERRYNET.COM

Subject: At Their Web Site

Stuart Elliot, advertising columnist for the New York Times, did his occasional 20 questions

about advertising, marketing and media. This time he tries to skewer one of our clients and I'm

not sure what he's driving at. Here's the paragraph:

"How many grammarians wrote to the Newspaper

Association of America to complain that recent ad

about a campaign 'to promote literacy' also invites

readers to visit the association 'at their Web site'?"

What does he not like about "at their Web site"? I have ideas but I want other opinions.

The orginal line in the ad actually reads "Visit us at our web site" if that

makes any difference to you.

Grant Barrett