Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 11:47:00 +0000

From: Duane Campbell dcamp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]EPIX.NET

Subject: Re: Berliner; pancake turners, spatulas, scrapers; slider

At 10:03 AM 12/1/97 -0600, you wrote:

stopped at St. Donatus, Iowa. On the menu was a slider, a sandwich with

various kinds of meat. Do any of you know this term?

Well, no. But it brings back an ancient memory that might perhaps have

better remained buried.

When I was very young, so young that I was not yet even a self-identified

Republican, I was reproved for the occasional "slider", i.e. ... well, um

... flatulence. I suspect it was family usage, since I have never heard

anyone else use the word in that sense. On the other hand, it is not

something that often comes up in conversation.

There were also ... well, no. There is no need to bring that up in polite


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