Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 11:18:14 EST


Subject: Re: "Ich bin ein Berliner"

I like those, but I think "I am a Danish" is a bit of a stretch. "He was a

great Dane" si, "He was a Danish" no. But from the same area, "I am a Swede"

would presumably convey to a British--but not an American--hearer that you are

quite possibly a rutabaga (yellow turnip). How about "I am a Finn" (phono-

logically if not orthographically), or "I am a white Russian" (or a black

Russian, as the case may be). Or "She's not a bad Czech--but she just gave

birth to a bouncing (baby) Czech." OK, enough. I agree.

Re Luanne's pastries and pancakes:

I recall eating lots of "krapfens" in Paris in the early 1960's. You got

them warm on the streets (from the same vendors who sold crepes) with lots of

powdered sugar on them, but as I recall they were unfilled. Yum! Seemed like

an odd term to me, though. As for what you scrape a pan with, I use a spatula

(whether I'm using it to scrape or to turn). For me, spatula is defined by

structure, and applies to both metal and plastic varieties, but not to the ones

with the narrower rubber heads. Of course, I was one of those who grew up

thinking of "spatcheleh" as a Yiddish diminutive (cf. keppeleh, henteleh).